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Game Boy Advance SP: Silver. Mark shows us how to replace a Game Boy Color Housings by taking apart an old blue one and changing it for a transparent one! Steel 3.8mm Screwdriver Security Bit Open NES SNES Nintendo 64 & Game Boy Games - Gameboy Color Star Screw Remover -

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Taking apart a Nintendo Gameboy. The first step to many Gameboy tutorials, is taking one apart. If you've never seen the inside of a Gameboy, it can be a bit daunting. Fear not, brave warrior. I shall guide you through this perilous quest! Luckily, Gameboys are sturdy little bastards and their strength lies in their simplicity. How to start? Before you go any further, make sure you have all the necessary tools to open up a Gameboy.

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Most likely, you lack the necessary tools. It's a lot more fun to have everything you need within reach, when you start this. A word of caution.

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Needless to say, be careful, you're dealing with electronics here. Unplug the Gameboy from any outlets or remove the batteries before you continue. Absolut Chess Crack download.

By following this Instructable, you take full responsibility for your own actions.

How to repair Gameboy common problems. How to repair Gameboy commom problems. How to fix Nintendo Gameboy common problems. Recently, I came across a Gameboy at Goodwill for $6. While inspecting it I noticed the battery contacts where very corroded but the Gameboy was complete albeit very dirty likely from years of use and the lack of the previous owner taking good care of it.

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I couldn’t test the Gameboy before I bought it but I thought I could use a low budget trick to clean up the battery contacts to look nearly new. When I got home I tried to turn on the Gameboy with new, fresh batteries but it wouldn’t power on.

Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. I know it is not the best Just Rate,comment,and suscribe. Please remember that Game Boy Color-bordered games go in the Game Boy Color page. You have to both break apart and alter the construction of levels made up of blocks and enemies. The first Zelda for Gameboy.

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I wasn’t very surprised though because the battery contacts where nasty. Here’s some before pictures. Gameboy DMG Battery Corosion. Gameboy DMG Close Up of Battery Corosion.

LED Mod Your Gameboy Color by 1up in technology leds. Now you need to take apart your Gameboy. Like taking any consol and turning it portable to only a certain system? How to take apart a gameboy color game. Where can I get the kind of screw driver to take apart an old Gameboy Color game? Is it possible to change a gameboy color cartridege into a gameboy advance cartridge? Game Repair: Prepare Before You Repair. The first thing you need to do before you go to the trouble of taking your Game Boy apart is to make sure it. The Game Boy Advance SP requires. My little bro has a gameboy color and a gameboy advance. It would be a shame if those were to suddenly 'disappear':rolleyes::D. Its hard to get the gameboy apart. For Pokemon Trading Card Game on the Game Boy Color, FAQ/Walkthrough by nucleargamer12. Idea: Color Photos with the Game Boy Camera.

What you need: Small flat blade screw driver. Needle nose pliers. White distilled vinegar. How to remove the battery contacts. I used a small flat blade screw driver to get underneath the battery contacts and then used needle nose pliers to pull out the battery contacts.

Gameboy DMG Battery Contacts Removed. Cleaning the battery contacts with vinegar. Gameboy DMG White Distilled Vinegar. White Distilled Vinegar does a great job of eating through the corrosion on the battery contacts. All you need to do is soak the battery contacts in the vinegar for a few minutes. You can see the corrosion bubble right off. You can also use a flat blade screw driver to scrape off any corrosion that doesn’t bubble off on it’s own while it’s soaking.

Soaking the Gameboy DMG battery contacts in white distilled vinegar. After 5 minutes of soaking I removed the battery contacts and cleaned them up with water. Next I soaked them in some Rubbing Alcohol and then dried them using a paper towel before reinstalling them into the Gameboy.

Here’s a close up of the battery contacts installed: Gameboy DMG Cleaned Battery Contacts. Note: This picture was taken during testing and before the final cleaning of the Gameboy. Does it work now? Goldspot Soft Drink free download Arizona there. I reinstalled the batteries and tried to power on the Gameboy and to my delight it turned right on! This is proof of a cheap DIY fix for a non working Gameboy. There was a catch though.

Luckily there’s a DIY fix for this too. How to fix the lcd screen when lines are missing. Gameboy DMG LCD Missing Lines Pixels. A common problem with Gameboy LCD screens is missing lines in the screen. This is usually caused by a bad connection in the LCD cable. When you heat up the cable and apply pressure on it the lines will disappear.

Non official Nintendo Gameboy LCD Fix it tool =)All you need is a hair drier or a heat gun. You want to heat the cable where it’s missing lines.

Take a look at the picture I added for a better description: Heat Up Gameboy LCD and Press Down Cable. Final Result. Gameboy DMG LCD After LCD Fix. Sonic Screensaver Windows 7 download free there.

After heating up the cable and applying pressure it looked perfect! Hopefully this information helps somebody with similar problems with their Gameboy. Related. Tags: Broken Gameboy, DMG, Gameboy, gameboy dmg- 0.

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