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Simoniz S2000 Manual

SIMONIZ S1. 90. 0 USE AND CARE MANUAL Pdf Download. S1. 90. 0 Electric Pressure Washer 0. Congratulations on the purchase of your new pressure washer. In order to ensure you have the best possible experience please read through the following instruction. If you require any help please contact the customer service department at: Model no. Table of Contents 1.

I ............. 3 MPORTANT RECAUTIONS 1. D ................ EFINITIONS 1. 2 S ............... AFETY ARNINGS 1. 3 I ............... NTENDED PPLICATION 2. S .......... 5 AFETY EATURES AND LECTRICAL NFORMATION 2. E ...............

XTENSION ORDS 3. E .............. XPLOSION 4. P ............... ARTS 5. Important Precautions 1. I MPORTANT RECAUTIONS 1. Safety Warnings IMPORTANT, RETAIN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE AND READ CAREFULLY! DANGER Do not attempt to install or operate this device until you have read To reduce the risk of re, electric shock, explosion or injury to the safety instructions in this manual.

Important Precautions 1. I MPORTANT RECAUTIONS CONT 1. Safety Warnings (cont.) CAUTION - USE WARNING - INJECTION HAZARD .

Familiarize yourself with the controls. For questions regarding other uses, please refer to WARNING our website at www. SIMONIZ (1- 8. 66- 4. Internet Batman Game free download Arizona. P ARTS Item # Part Name Qty.

Simoniz S2000 Manual

Illustration / Part # Item # Part Name Qty. Illustration / Part # Gun assembly XE0. 6Waves Poker Game download free.

Hand crank VE0. 1- 0. Cleaning VE0. 5- 0. Cord bracket needle VE0. Gun holster High- pressure.. Assembly Instructions 5. A SSEMBLY NSTRUCTIONS 5. Surface Preparation 5.

Assembly Steps Before beginning any cleaning task, it is important to inspect the area for objects that could create a hazard. Remove any objects from the work area that could be tripped over, such as toys or outdoor furniture. Assembly Instructions 5.

A (cont.) SSEMBLY NSTRUCTIONS 5. Assembly Steps (cont.) (When using detergent) 1. Sony Ss Msp2 Manual download.

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Fill the detergent container with detergent. Firmly close the detergent bottle cap. Attach the container to the pressure washer’ s container storage area. Attach the desired spray tip to the wand. Assembly Instructions 5. A (cont.) SSEMBLY NSTRUCTIONS 5.

Assembly Steps (cont.) Attach garden hose to water supply and turn water on. Plug the unit into an outlet. WARNING Make sure the main switch is in the OFF position. Plug the unit into an outlet.

Assembly Instructions 5. A (cont.) SSEMBLY NSTRUCTIONS 5. Assembly Steps (cont.) . Purge air by squeezing the trigger on the gun until there is a steady stream of water.

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Operating Instructions 6. O PERATING NSTRUCTIONS 6.

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Working with Detergents Working with a detergent ensures quick soaking of the dirt, and allows the high- pressure water to penetrate and remove the dirt more e ectively. Always spray detergent on a dry surface, do not pre- soak the area. Operating Instructions 6.

O (cont.) PERATING NSTRUCTIONS 6. Shutting Down and Cleaning Up 6. Warnings (Skip this step if you are not using detergent.) CAUTION When you nish using the detergent injection system, ll the detergent container with clean water. Siphon Failure to clean this product properly will cause the detergent water at a low pressure for one minute, so that all injection system to become clogged and inoperable. Winterizing and Long- Term Storage 7. W INTERIZING AND TORAGE 7. Optimum Winterizing Procedure CAUTION Winterizing your pressure washer will help protect and prolong Drain any remaining water from the gun assembly.

We strongly recommend you follow the below steps using gun downwards and pull the trigger. Cleaning and Maintenance / Technical Speci cations 8. C LEANING AND AINTENANCE 8. Connections 8. 3 Water Filter Screen The connections on the pressure washer’s hoses, gun, and spray wand should be cleaned and lubricated with non- water soluble grease regularly. Spray Tips (Excluding Turbo Tip) Clogging of the nozzle causes the pump pressure to be too high, making it necessary to clean the nozzle immediately. Troubleshooting 1.

T ROUBLESHOOTING Disconnect the device from the power source before making any Problem Cause Solution repairs. Output pressure Not enough inlet Turn faucet on fully. Check garden hose Problem Cause Solution and low. IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY ADDITIONAL DIFFICULTIES NOT LISTED, VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.

SIMONIZ. CA OR CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR HELP AT 1- 8. SIMONIZ (1- 8. 66- 4. The warranty is void if the equipment is used for commercial, rental or industrial purposes. If you have further questions, please visit our website (www.

SIMONIZ (1- 8. 66- 4. Imported by Trileaf Distribution Trifeuil, Toronto, Canada M4.