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Sun. Edison - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sun. Edison, Inc. Public. TradedĀ as. OTC PinkĀ Limited: SUNEQIndustry.

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Renewable energy. Founded. 19. 59. Headquarters. Maryland Heights, Missouri. Belmont, California.

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Key people. John S. Dubel,Chief Executive Officer and Chief Restructuring Officer. Products. Polysilicon, Solar Wafers, Photovoltaic Plants, Solar Modules, Solar Energy. Revenue. US$2. 4. In addition to developing, building, owning, and operating solar power plants and wind energy plants, it also manufactures high purity polysilicon, monocrystallinesilicon ingots, silicon wafers, solar modules, solar energy systems, and solar module racking systems. Originally a silicon- wafer manufacturer established in 1. Monsanto Electronic Materials Company, a former business unit of Monsanto Company, Monsanto sold the company in 1.

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Prior to May 3. 0, 2. MEMC Electronic Materials; the name change to Sun. Edison reflects the company's focus on solar energy. The company entered the solar market in a major way beginning in 2. Asian solar- energy companies. Contracts with other solar- energy companies followed, as did joint- venture projects on solar power plants. With the acquisition of the large, successful, and pioneering solar- energy systems company Sun.

Edison LLC in late 2. Axio and Fotowatio in 2. MEMC focused increasingly on the burgeoning solar- energy industry to offset the cyclical downturns in the semiconductor market.

The company now develops, finances, and maintains solar power systems and plants for a widespread commercial, public- sector, and power- plant customer base, and its name change in 2. Sun. Edison, Inc. It is one of the leading solar- power companies worldwide, and with its acquisition of wind- energy company First Wind in 2. Sun. Edison is the leading renewable energy development company in the world. The divestiture marked the completion of Sun. Edison, Inc.'s transition from a semiconductor- wafer company to a dedicated renewable- energy corporation. Following years of major expansion and the announcement of the intent .

Peters, Missouri, 3. Monsanto's headquarters in St. It acquired the California- based solar tech company Solaicx in mid 2. In June 2. 01. 1, it acquired another North American solar- power project developer, Axio Power.

The company announced a headcount reduction of 1,3. With 1,0. 00- volt UL certification, the modules created considerable overall energy- production and systems savings on solar projects due to the ability to be more efficiently wired.

Sun. Edison Semiconductor, Ltd. The review characterized Sun. Edison as . The bankruptcy court must approve the money. Sun. Edison requested that the examiner. Reuters noted that, comparatively, the 2.

Caesars Entertainment Corp. During that time, the company also raised $2.

Department of Justice is conducting an investigation into the company regarding its financial practices. Internally, Sun. Edison.

It produces granular polysilicon in purities usable in the solar and semiconductor industries. The granular polysilicon is produced in Pasadena, Texas, and, through a joint venture with Samsung and Sun. Edison Semiconductor, in Ulsan, Korea. The granular silicon is used for Sun. Edison's own silicon- crystal manufacturing, and for sales to third- party solar and semiconductor crystal- manufacturing companies.

The division also has a plant in Portland, Oregon acquired from Solaicx in 2. The ingots are sliced into wafers in Malaysia.

Sun. Edison and its subsidiaries and joint- venture partners also manufacture the solar cells used in its modules. Its solar modules are assembled by contract manufacturers in Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, and China which use Sun. Edison technology, meet Sun.

Edison's strict specifications, and use Sun. Edison's quality control systems. Sun. Edison's solar power group plans, designs, develops, finances, underwrites, builds, installs, operates, monitors, and maintains large- scale solar energy and wind energy systems and plants for commercial customers, including numerous national retail outlets, shopping centers, businesses and corporations; government agencies and other public- sector customers; and utilities and other power companies. Through an extensive dealer network, it also provides complete solar systems and services for residential homeowners. Through its financing services and partners, Sun.

Edison offers commercial and residential customers the opportunity to install a solar system for no upfront costs, with predictable cost- effective energy rates over the life of the system contract. The company also continues its longstanding research and development to create innovations, cost reductions, and performance enhancements in solar- energy systems technology. Sun. Edison produces energy via its numerous power plants, and also manages numerous solar power plants worldwide. Sun. Edison's subsidiary Terra. Form Power is a global renewable energy project development company. It owns and operates solar and wind generation assets serving utility, commercial, and residential customers.

It owns and operates over 2. Its scope extends to other clean power generation such as natural gas, geothermal, hydro- electricity, and hybrid power generation. Sun. Edison's subsidiary Terra. Form Global is a globally diversified owner and operator of clean and renewable energy generation assets in high- growth emerging markets. It generates electricity through solar, wind, and hydro- electric projects. The company serves utility, commercial, industrial, and governmental customers.

Its scope allows it to extend to other clean- power generation assets such as natural gas, biomass, and hybrid energy and storage solutions, as well as transmission lines, and to residential in addition to commercial customers. References. May 3. Pentland, William. November 1. 7, 2.

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