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List of references in non- Disney television shows - Disney Wiki. This page contains mature content.

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Continue on at your own risk. List of references to Disney in television shows that were not produced or distributed by Disney. Plus, the episodes that starred Tom Bergeron took place at the Disney Parks.

One clip in the series featured a family paying a visit to Walt Disney World, and one of the Tweedle Brothers proceeded to sneak up on the grandmother, with her turning around and then proceeding to scream in shock. This was also the final season that Tom Bergeron served as host. One film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, made both lists, ranking at #4. Fantasia made the 1. Toy Story made the 2.

Heroes and Villains. These include: at #9. Also making the list, at #7. Free Chipset Intel download Safford. Muppet song . 1. 00 Cheers: America's Most Inspiring Movies. I can put 'em on a plane! Chano Amenguale arrests a young boy for stealing and threatens to send him to prison, the boy insists that he is not going to jail, to which Chano replies, ?

Where do you think they send you for stealing, Disneyland? When he shows them what it may sound like, Howard comments that his laugh would make them sound like: . In the process, Penny discovers some framed pictures taken from Walt Disney World, and wants to know who is in them.

Leonard says that the big dog is Goofy, but that he does not know who the older couple in the mouse ears are. This is the real happiest place on earth. Leonard then tells Penny to keep him away from Goofy, or else he will get nightmares, but Pluto is okay, though.

In the ending of the episode, Bernadette is revealed to be dressed as Cinderella (Howard implies that he was hoping she would be Cinderella when he returns home), Penny is revealed to have dressed up as Aurora (while explaining to Leonard why she was dressed up, he was shown taking his pants off, implying that he was aroused by her) and Amy was revealed to be Snow White (she feigns being asleep in order to get kissed by Sheldon, but he implies that he does not wish to kiss her). Emily says that she likes Sally, not only because they both have red hair, but also because Sally is covered in scars and can pull her own limbs off and sew them back on. As if to change the subject, Bernadette then says that she likes Cinderella. Emily points out to her how in the original book, the stepsisters cut their toes off with knives so as to fit in the glass slipper, to which Bernadette replies, . While Leonard is reflective, Howard and Raj think it is funny that Roger Abbot's name sounds like Roger Rabbit. You can win the Golden Tinkerbell Award, alright? You're still gonna take a lot of teasing.

Not some toy from Toy Story. My teacher got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so my computer class is cancelled Friday. So, I thought we could like hang out, watch The Lion King. You know, maybe have a family night. Expansionary Policies. He claims to be for the Dark side of the Force. The next contestant, Kate, is portrayed as a Jedi that looks like Leia Organa.

As part of this, Carol Burnett assumes the role of Peter Pan, flying about the stage just like him as she does. After that, Sam thinks they have to up the bribe ante, but again Rebecca refuses. As such, Rebecca suggests building a back entrance to the bar from the alley. During that work, Norm gets stuck between the iron bars in the back window. They call in the police to get him unstuck. They also compare Norm's situation to Winnie the Pooh when he got stuck in Rabbit's hole. After going through several orange fictional characters, he says .

Rick Perry's family hunting camp. Since he cannot say the name on the air, Colbert resorts to playing . At one point, he makes a . At the end, he says that Disney should go back to teaching children that it is okay for a prince to make out with a princess if she is drugged and that . When he compares the two animals, he mentions that both animals have been turned into cartoon characters and shows pictures of Simba and Tigger. He then remarks that . In response, Sam tells him he looks like Dumbo while his wife Laura tells him he looks like Bambi.

Clements, Donna Noble has a Tutter doll on her desk. Later, when he compares himself to Mary Poppins, he stops him because he reckons the anthology would not be good. One of them, Claudette, wears a schoolbag which has Cinderella on it. Another nephew of his (who appeared in earlier episodes) is named Hughie. The names of his relatives are an overall reference to Huey, Dewey and Louie. She refuses the offer because .

It turns out Joey is saying that she plays Goofy at Disneyland. When they accidentally rescue some Haitians, which could result in five years in prison, Ernie says ?

She thinks I'm at Epcot! There are many Hidden Mickeys seen throughout the episode, which was part of a contest where the viewer would count all the Mickeys and win a trip to Disneyland. Dermot O'Leary, who hosts the show, later does a Buzz Lightyear impression before the pink team reach the finish line.

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